Christophe Lainé

Christophe Lainé

Mon métier? créateur d'émotion. 

Sa biographie

Creating and beautifying jewels are what made Christophe Lainé a passionate from his first encounter with a jewellery gouache.

Since this love at first sight, Christophe has acquired the very technical skills to perfect each drawing.

For him, it is by patiently taming the stone, their character, that ideas come to his mind and unveil the unique and precious piece, creating emotions.

Sa collection de bijoux
  • Montre

    Montres joaillerie Panthère

  • Manchette

    Manchette haute couture

  • Collier Rioja


  • Collier 20 miles lieux sous les mers

    20 miles lieux sous les mers

Son univers