Jiamu Lei

Jiamu Lei

Transmitter of Chinese Culture in jewelry.

Sa biographie

Majored in Art in college, Lei Jiamu threw all his interest in painting, especially Chinese painting, or the related works.

Getting sources from his major in Art and benefiting from his solid skill of Chinese painting and hand painting, he integrates Chinese elements into the jewelry design. The more he knows about Jewelry, the deeper is attracted by the symbolic value of jewelry and the stories emanating from them.

For him, Jewelry can precisely express the vision of his design. He hopes that the beauty and the cultural meaning of the beauty and the cultural meaning of the jewelry can be appreciated , shared by more people and for a long time.

Sa collection de bijoux
  • Stirred  lantern

    Stirred lantern

  • Fly to the moon

    Fly to the moon

  • Nursed by sea

    Nursed by sea

  • Floating Lotus

    Floating Lotus