Lucie Brouillard

Lucie Brouillard

Sa biographie

Mesmerized by a gouaches exhibition during her youth, Lucie Brouillard decided to make it her job.

Passionate, she knew then how to make all necessary efforts to create her own High Jewellery pieces. Enthusiastic and curious, Lucie gradually created her own style, natural and poetic, that invites the spirit to wander.

Delicate and generous, Lucie’s pieces mirror the forms of our beautiful nature.

Sa collection de bijoux
  • Tourbillon Aquatique

    Tourbillon Aquatique

  • Princesse des forêts

    Princesse des forêts

  • Mademoiselle la Dauphine

    Mademoiselle la Dauphine

  • L'escargot


Son univers